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About Metamorphose

the staff

I'm Jessica, and I'm trash I'm the owner of this TCG! I've always been fascinated by magical girl anime, so I decided to design my own game after Shout It! Out Loud and Magica both closed. I joined the online TCG world back in 2012 and have been an avid member in the community ever since.

The first ever TCG I ran was named Dashes, which I had adopted from Liz! Soon after, I began to design Charm, which was my baby at the time. Since then, I've owned/co-owned quite a few TCGs with my awesome friend Samu ♥ You can also see me making decks or working in the forums at other TCGs!

Hiya, names Samu and I'm like the co-owner of this tcg - but only if sloths are considered co-owners. Mahou Shoujo holds a special place in my heart from my childhood years, even though I don't watch a whole lot anymore. I've been helping Jess out with Meta since around the closing time of Charm. You can usually find me on the forums or skype when im not napping. Seriously, when I don't answer you right away I am napping.

I've worked on quite a few projects with my le awesome friendo Jess, since we mesh together very well. If you ever need anything you can always ask! I'm kind of like the HR department tbh.