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Sad time

I was hoping it wouldn;t come to this so soon, but Jessica is unable to run meta with me atm, so I'm not going to run it alone. It's going on an indefinite hiatus for the time being! Jess may pop in with other news but Im simply too busy to run this alone right now, sorry! I hope we can reopen in the future.


19 Apr 17
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I'm actually alive ???

New Members: none - Welcome! :D
Referrals: none - please pick up your referral rewards here! (it's 2 PER referral!)
Level Up: Becca (Crystal), Lex (Cosmic), Rosenel (Prism, Crystal), Samu (Cosmic)
Masteries: Amber (lettucemetamorphose, firesoul, strawberrysurprise), Cami (tsukiyomiikuto, healingescalation1, hinamoriamu, milfeullesakuraba), Hotaru (essencereaver), Lee (rinburevolution, ryuuzakiumi, morninggrace, tenjouutena), Lex (sailorjupiter), Mio (ageswap), Rosenel (tomoemami), Samu (coconutcyclone, midnightkiss, parasolpen)
New Affiliates: none this week!
Games: Weekly, Bi-weekly Set A, Bi-weekly Set B, Monthly

Witch's Wishes

  1. Lee wished for choice cards spelling "TRANSFORM" - max 2 per deck!
  2. Jules wished for everyone to get +1 biweekly round in honor of spring! - everyone feel free to play 1 set of the biweekly games TWICE.
  3. Cami wished for 100 roses for everyone - please take 100 roses!

New Decks

You may take a total card worth of 12. Max two cards per deck.
Donators / Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated or created

An apology is in order!

I just wanted to start the update out by saying sorry that this is so late! Things came up and we just got a little too busy to handle updating on top of everything else. > < Hopefully that won't happen again. This also applies to why not alot of donations are being made lately!

I don't really want this tcg to die out when it's just starting so please hang in there ! I believe all the games are updated - I actually updated them at the beginning of the week just didn't end up updating, so if you played earlier this week feel free to play them again? I updated the Mini Mastery with a new theme for April - Henshin!
Jessica is in charge of making the assemble decks, so I think I'll close the old round for now and start a new one on the forums shortly. Everything monthly wise has reset - donations, etc. Just a warning we might be a little slow getting around to them this month!

The only thing I did not update was motw, simply because I usually don't decide who it is! FYI: I'm getting ready for a trip in May and am working alot, so I won't be able to respond as quickly as I usually do - apologies again!

☆ Samu

5 Apr 17
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